KickStart WebSafety: Protect the Future of Our Teens!

WebSafety is launching a Kickstarter campaign to help us grow!

WebSafety provides the tools for parents to monitor, understand and manage what their children are doing on their mobile devices.

WebSafety has parents covered. Android features include: Apps used, Text Messaging, Websites visited, Social Media posts and photos, location tracking throughout the day, and a curfew feature. iOS/Apple features include: Apps used, Social media posts and photos, location tracking throughout the day, and a curfew feature.

All parents are discovering that their child’s mobile device usage is an issue they need to address as soon as they give their child his or her first phone or tablet. And as children get older and hit high school, it only gets worse!

WebSafety’s software is built and ready to go, but we need your help to bring us to the next level! Funds from this Kickstarter campaign will allow us to build out a full-time team in order to keep up-to-date with new changes from Apple and Android as well as new smartphones as they hit the market. We also plan to develop additional features for the app, and funds from this campaign will enable us to launch an effective marketing and advertising campaign.

In May 2016, we will release our new Parent App that will provide the full dashboard experience on each parent’s mobile device! With the introduction of the Parent App, we will be going to a paid subscription service with an annual price of $89.99 for each family with six mobile devices.

Your donations and support will help us protect our children and become the best possible product on the market to empower parents in helping their children grow and succeed.

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