This Secret Texting App Is Raising New Fears About Cyberbullying

The app allows users to send anonymous messages and some complain that it’s yet another tool that helps cyberbullying flourish.

New app, Blindspot, is making headlines.  Its format is a simple one; the application allows users to anonymously post content and contact other users.  One could ask the question, if what one says is nice, why would one need to post it anonymously?  As bullies flock to this app, school officials and counselors are warning parents that their children could be exposed to harassment on Blindspot.  This app is considered a hot bed for cyberbullying and reportedly has been linked to one teen suicide already.

Two other anonymous messaging apps, Omegle and After School, have also been in the news.  Predators have been caught contacting minors on Omegle after exchanging sexts and sextorting teens.  Sextortion is when a person blackmails another person into sending nude photos of him/herself.  Often times, the predator gets one inappropriate photo from the child and then tells the child that if they don’t send more, the predator will share the photo with the child’s parents, friends, classmates, etc..  The After School app is being banned by many schools because of the problems associated with anonymous posting and messaging.  A large number of school bomb threats were reported on this app in addition to cyberbullies threatening teens anonymously.

The thing that a lot of children don’t realize is that these posts are not fully anonymous.  Law Enforcement can trace all content back to the original poster.  How do you, the parent, know if your child is using these apps?  Be vigilant in checking your child’s social media and talk openly with kids about what they’ve seen online.  Our monitoring app can help you with this.  WebSafety will show which apps your child downloads and how long they use each application on their Android mobile device.

Source: This secret texting app is raising new fears of cyberbullying

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By:  B. Staples

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