Parents and teens struggle with the idea of someone snooping or watching their every move, but WebSafety is more than that, most parents are just concerned about their child’s safety.

In a recent blog post by Tania from Larger Family Life, she shared a telling experience about her own mother. But despite the trauma she experienced, she tells why it hasn’t changed her need to supervise her children when it comes to mobile device use.

Tania writes:

“I grew up with an incredibly snoopy mother. She was mentally ill, though never took her medication and constantly dodged monitoring by the mental health services who did pitifully little to protect us. She constantly obsessed with creating conspiracy theories against everyone, mostly against me, my brother and our Dad – her closest family.”

This alarming scrutiny causes concerns amongst some teens, and exactly the reason we recommend parents introduce WebSafety with their teens in an open and and healthy conversation (read more in this blog post). But beyond this, Tania reminds us that her experience is rare.

“What I need to remind myself is that our mother was an extreme case. Most parents aren’t like her, most kids don’t have the same experience as we did and, what I need to remember most of all is that her snooping was not a reflection on us, but a reflection on her.

But Tania tells a different tale of her own experience as a mother. She is raising 13 children, and rather than dwell on her experience as a child, she looks to the future she wants for her kids, a safe one.

“When it comes to keeping tabs on what my kids are doing online, I come severely unstuck on deciding on the best thing to do.”

She continues, “Ultimately, when it comes to the internet and protecting our children, the issue is not whether a child or young person is ‘good’ or ‘bad’, but whether the internet itself is. And actually, we need to admit that it isn’t all good. There is bad stuff out there. There are unkind people out there. There is bullying, there is danger and there are risks.”

We hope teens and parents can align themselves in an effort to protect families and children from the dangers that do exist. We hope WebSafety becomes the “best thing to do”, as Tania mentions, to protect your family. We are making every effort to bring our users the latest research and advice from parenting experts to make these conversations and education opportunities harmonious for your family. Please continue to share your experiences with us and let us know how we can help you.