Are you ever worried about where your child is spending his or her time? Do you find yourself feeling stressed when you think about what could happen if your child became lost? Fortunately, your child’s iPhone has built-in GPS features that can help alleviate some of these worries— and in real-time situations. However, a GPS system on its own does not really paint the most detailed picture of your child’s past and current locations, since it only shows you where your son or daughter is at the present moment.

Track Your Child’s Location With WebSafety

WebSafety’s iPhone location tracking feature provides a more detailed report of your child’s whereabouts than your standard cell location app or GPS system. Our application’s maps provide historical geographical data that can be viewed for varied time periods, so you can learn and understand your child’s travel patterns. A more traditional iPhone location tracking app or GPS would only provide you with information about your child’s current location. Having a physical history of your child’s geographical positioning can be especially helpful if you ever think he or she is in danger, or if you want to gain better insight into his or her daily life in a candid way.

Geo-Fencing With WebSafety

Do you want to be notified when your child leaves or arrives at a common location? WebSafety’s cell location app features a geo-fencing tool that can notify you when your child leaves school, gets home, or departs to go somewhere else. The best part is that you can customize these notifications for different children and choose the specific, everyday locations that you want to receive alerts for.

You can even use the WebSafety iPhone location tracking app to set up geo-fence areas that trigger mobile alerts when your child arrives at them. If your child enters a restricted area or even an approved safe area, you can know when they arrived — all thanks to your custom WebSafety geo-fence areas. Not only can these geo-fences give you a better idea of where your child is — you will also have an even greater understanding of your child’s daily behaviors so you can better understand what is going on in his or her life.

It can be hard to let your child go out on his or her own, even if it is just to go to school or a friend’s house. WebSafety and its cell location app features allow you to give your child the freedom and independence needed to become a functional adult — all while maintaining your peace of mind and enhancing your knowledge of your child’s daily life and habits.