Parents Monitoring Internet Use

Do you know what your child is being exposed to online each day? From porn sites to internet scams to online bullying, the number of threats that kids can run into while browsing the internet is very high, with new risks developing each day. One way that many parents monitor and protect their children online is through web browser monitoring software and applications. The problem with many of these tools is that they block certain websites from being accessed by kids, rather than showing parents what children are trying to view online. This undermines the trust that is very important to build between parents and kids, and it also prevents young web surfers from learning how to safely and smartly navigate the internet on their own. You also cannot understand your child’s behaviors and interests without a candid snapshot of his or her online behavior, which makes online safety communication with your child that much more difficult.

WebSafety Parental Control Browser

WebSafety’s parental control browser is different from other tools. When you install WebSafety on your and your child’s phones, the app’s web browsing history gets checked against WebSafety’s internal database of inappropriate websites. If your child visits one of these inappropriate sites, you will receive a mobile alert on your parent dashboard. These alerts can be customized for your family based on websites you approve for your kids’ use.

Parents monitoring internet use will never find website blocking within the WebSafety app. Trust building that can be validated through web history checks is an important part of parenting in the digital age. If you do not know what your child is doing or trying to do online, it is harder to have an open discussion about internet safety that is directly applicable to your child. Learning to honor parental trust and making smart decisions online are important parts of growing up, as well. WebSafety’s parental control browser allows kids to learn and practice these skills by letting them make their own browsing decisions.

It isn’t always easy to talk to and work with children regarding internet safety and making smart online choices. WebSafety makes the task of internet monitoring easier for parents while also helping to protect children from virtual threats across the web.

Please note that web browsing monitoring is available only on Android. Additionally, iCloud backups are required for iOS devices in order to use WebSafety’s web history feature.