If you are the parent of a child over the age of 13, you know that social media is a big part of any teenager’s life. This is also true where the lives of many younger kids are concerned, as technology has transformed modern life for just about everyone. In a sense, posting to platforms such as Instagram and Facebook allows adolescents to communicate with their friends and define themselves in an independent, creative way that their peers can relate to. However, there are also hosts of online dangers that kids can get involved with if they are not careful — not to mention the number of embarrassing decisions teens tend to make online that they could regret later in life. How can a parent keep a close eye on their kids’ online behavior without causing embarrassment by interacting with and following them on social media?

Monitor Kids’ Social Media With WebSafety

WebSafety is one of the best apps for parents to monitor the social media accounts that their teens and their younger kids use daily. When you set up WebSafety on your and your child’s smartphones, the app is able to capture each photo that your son or daughter posts on his or her Facebook and/or Instagram profile. As soon as your child creates a post, you will receive a mobile alert on the parent dashboard of your phone app. What’s more, you will be notified of every comment that is posted to your kid’s accounts — and words that are flagged as inappropriate by WebSafety’s word of concern database will also be sent to you in a mobile notification.
If you want to view every photo uploaded to your son or daughter’s social media pages at once, you can do so in one location on your WebSafety app. This allows you to quickly and conveniently monitor your child’s behavior and interactions without even switching screens — and the mobile alerts allow you to go about your day knowing that you will be notified about your child’s social media activities.

Communication Opportunities

If you have concerns about monitoring your child without his or her knowledge, you will be happy to learn that your son or daughter will need to provide you with his or her usernames and password for Instagram and Facebook to set up social monitoring through WebSafety. This allows you to build trust with your young tech lover and even creates the opportunity to have an honest discussion about smart social media usage and being cautious online.

Parenting was never an easy job, and new internet technology has made it even more complicated in many ways. Apps for parents to monitor social media, like WebSafety, make the digital age a little more manageable for caring parents — and safer for their school-age and teenage kids.