Texting is a major part of kids’ lives in today’s tech-centered world. Many teens and school-age kids are comfortable communicating over text, and some may only talk to their friends through SMS. Messaging allows children to not only communicate with their friends in a way that is most comfortable for them, but also to develop independence and social skills. Even so, the truth is that dangers such as taking screenshots of private conversations, saving private images, and bullying via text are very prominent, and kids are often the main targets of such hazardous behaviors. It often becomes a parent’s duty to monitor text messages in order to protect and supervise their children. But how can a mom or dad easily monitor messages on a kid’s device — and without restricting their son or daughter’s freedom in the process?

Text Monitoring App

WebSafety allows you to monitor text messages that are sent to or from your child’s phone from afar, as long as you have the application installed on your phone and your son’s or daughter’s device. Even if the texts come from something other than a 10-digit number, WebSafety will track them and make them available for you to view within the application. The text monitoring app feature allows parents to be notified of conversations that contain inappropriate or dangerous language. WebSafety maintains a database of such words in order to appropriately tag alarming language and alert parents to its presence on a child’s phone through a mobile notification and within the app’s parent dashboard. What is so special about WebSafety is that it does not block certain numbers on your child’s phone. This allows you to get a real feel for who your child is talking to and what he or she is communicating, and also allows your child to make his or her own decisions when it comes to texting. If something troubling should pop up within your app, you have an opening for honest dialogue with your son or daughter that would not exist without WebSafety.

Talks To Feature

If you want to go one step further when you monitor text messages on your child’s phone, you can use WebSafety’s Talk To feature. Talk To allows parents to access a summary of the percentage of your child’s conversations to different people on his or her contact list. This gives you a more in-depth look into your child’s habits and still helps your kid preserve autonomy over his or her life choices.

A text monitoring app like WebSafety can truly make your life easier while putting you at ease regarding your child’s safety. Your son’s or daughter’s messages are always just a click away, and you can rest assured that you will be the first to know if something concerning should arise in his or her text communication.
Please note that text message monitoring is available only on Android devices. iCloud backups are required to monitor text messages for iOS devices.