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Web Browsing *

Web browsing history is captured by WebSafety to provide insight into your child’s interests and what they have been exposed to.  WebSafety believes a parent child relationship should be based on open discussion and trust.  However, we also believe that trust should be validated from time to time.

WebSafety’s web browsing history is checked against our own database of inappropriate websites. If your child visits a website in our database, parents will receive a mobile alert and it will appear on the dashboard. You can customize our database for your own family’s needs by adding new websites or silencing alerts for websites you approve.  WebSafety does not block access to websites.  We believe that it is more important to extend trust to your child, yet ensure them that their activity is being monitored.

Receive alerts when flagged URLs such as porn and other inappropriate websites are accessed from your child’s device.  Web history requires iCloud backups for iOS devices.


* Web Browsing monitoring only for Android child devices.

App Installations

Installing new apps is your child’s way to learn and explore the digital world. WebSafety will monitor all new app installations and when they are uninstalled.  With the Installation History function, parents can see a list of all the apps installed in chronological order

WebSafety maintains our own database of apps of concern for parents. When any apps in our database are installed, parents will receive a mobile alert and it will appear on the parent’s dashboard.  There is no need to check your child’s phone and scan through all of their apps. Check their list of apps right from your own mobile device.

All apps installed on top of the standard apps in addition to child’s mobile device will be reported on the WebSafety parent app.

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Block Screen Time

With all the power contained within a mobile device, it isn’t a surprise that a child doesn’t want to put it down – ever! In order to help enforce family rules, WebSafety includes a Curfew feature to manage time each day in which the mobile device is locked from use. This feature is great for bedtime, study time or any time.

Parents can immediately lock the child’s mobile device remotely at any time. It is most effective to have an agreement for the daily schedule for times of use. It is also helpful to have conversations in advance to discuss what circumstances will lead to immediate, remote locking.  With a common set of expectations, your child will see their mobile device as a privilege instead of an entitlement

Parents can establish time restrictions when the child can use their mobile devices. If the child tries to use the device during restricted times, the parent will be notified immediately.

Social Media

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are staples in the lives of children over the age of 13. The freedom to post pictures and make comments with friends has become an expectation to help a child define himself. However, we all know that the last thing a child really wants is to have their parents as followers and commenting on their posts.

WebSafety captures every photo posted from your child’s Facebook and/or Instagram account. For every posting, a mobile alert will be sent to the parent with a dashboard notification. Along with post, all comments will be visible and continuously run through WebSafety’s words of concern database for additional alerts.

View all photos uploaded to your child’s Social Media accounts including Instagram and Facebook in one convenient location and receive alerts when new photos are uploaded.  Together with your child, link WebSafety to their social media accounts as usernames and passwords are required for setup.

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Track Location

The beauty of a mobile device is that it goes with you everywhere. With built in GPS features, your child’s location can be seen in real-time. WebSafety understands the importance of historical geographical data. Maps can be viewed over various periods of time to see travel patterns of your child. Historical travel patterns provide a significant advantage over location tools which only display current location.

WebSafety’s geo-fencing feature allows parents to create common locations which will generate mobile alerts upon arrival or leaving. These locations can be easily configured to be monitored individually or for all children in the family. Imagine knowing exactly when they leave school, arrive at home, and leave again for after school activities.

Parents can view the current and past locations of their child’s device, and even create areas (geo-fences) that trigger notifications. These areas can be set as safe or restricted areas.

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Real-time Alerts

Parents are busy and don’t have time to browse through their child’s mobile device at night to determine if there are any concerns. WebSafety generates mobile alerts for a set of concerns from all features of the app.  If your child receives a threatening Facebook comment, an alert will be generated. If your child visits a website flagged in our database, you will be alerted. This is a parent’s time saving and life saving pulse on your child’s digital world.

In addition to mobile alerts, notifications are also posted to the parent dashboard for reviewing at any time.  And for those who just don’t have a total handle on the whole mobile app thing, WebSafety will send summary reports to parents on a daily or weekly basis.

Parent Dashboard

The main screen in the parent app is the dashboard. The dashboard is the communications center for your family’s digital life. The dashboard is designed as a vertical timeline displaying the most critical notifications of your child’s activities. Simply click on the notification and you will be taken to the detailed view of the activity within that feature in the app.  Click on a geo-fencing notification generated from the departure from a specific location and you will be taken to the Map feature to view the actual location to gain better context.

The parent’s dashboard will display notifications from web browsing, location tracking, curfew, app installs, and all social media posts. This is the source of information for topics to discuss at the dinner table tonight.

WebSafety features a real-time dashboard that parents can use to stay informed on the mobile phone and tablet usage of their children.

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