How Parents Can Find Location History on iPhone

Easily track your child’s location and location history with WebSafety.

How to Find Location History on iPhone

Parenting in the digital age can sometimes feel like a losing battle — other times, modern smartphone features like location tracking can actually allow you to have more control and knowledge regarding your child’s whereabouts than you normally would. However, it isn’t always enough to see where your child currently is — sometimes, you need to know where your child has been in the past and where he or she tends to go each day when you aren’t around. This is especially true if you are parenting a teen or preteen who might have more freedom to roam than you would normally grant to a younger child. A standard iPhone GPS can’t really help you find this detailed information — but WebSafety can. If you are struggling with how to find location history on iPhone devices, or are disappointed by the limited information available, then our app is for you.

WebSafety Location History Feature

WebSafety is designed to meet the needs of caring parents like you. Once you install our application on both your and your child’s phone, you can access historical data from our map that shows you where your child was at custom dates and times that you set yourself. That way, you can find out where your child was today, yesterday, or even a week ago. Not only can you use this feature to locate your child if you believe he or she is in danger, but you can also get a better idea of where your child likes to go when not at home, whether or not he or she is going somewhere that you said was off-limits, and other important, candid information that you might not be able to access even after you realize how to find location history on iPhone devices.

Our geo-fencing tool allows you to take location monitoring one step further by alerting you when your son or daughter leaves from or arrives at a location that you set up notifications for. Want to know when your kid gets home from school or leaves the house? Need to be alerted when he or she arrives at a friend’s house that was supposed to be off-limits? WebSafety can do all of that — and you can customize such alerts for each of your children.

It isn’t always easy to know how to find location history on iPhone devices, and what’s available to parents is often frustratingly limited. WebSafety takes your child’s phone’s GPS capabilities to the next level by allowing you to track your child’s location in real time and better understand his or her daily habits.

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