Parental Control Browser App For Families

WebSafety can help parents take control of their children’s online safety.

Parental Control Browser

If you are like most parents, you are very worried about the safety of your children when they are browsing online. Are they being exposed to sexual content? Is bullying going to be a problem? What if they download a virus? All of these questions are very valid in the 21st Century, and it isn’t always easy to find a parental control browser tool that truly addresses the problem. Many monitoring applications simply block dangerous sites, rather than allowing children to figure out what is and isn’t appropriate to view on their own — making it more likely for them to make future mistakes online when they don’t have a parent or monitoring tool to rely on. It is also virtually impossible to understand a child’s life and habits when their browsing choices are artificially limited. However, there is hope — and it starts with WebSafety.

WebSafety Application and Browsing Controls

WebSafety isn’t like other parental monitoring apps. Once installed on your and your child’s devices, our application lets your children access anything they want to — but the minute a website is flagged by our internal database of suspicious sites, you will receive a notification on your mobile parent dashboard. This system allows your child to maintain some independence and think for him or herself while also allowing you, the parent, to get a candid view of your child’s browsing habits and his or her daily life. It is also easier to have discussions about online safety and building trust when your child is allowed to make mistakes online.

App Customization You Need

The customization of WebSafety’s parental control browser tool is another feature that many parents come to appreciate. If you have children with different interests or ages, or there are certain sites that you have personally approved for their use, you can modify your mobile notifications to reflect these preferences. No two families are alike, and neither are any two children. So, why should their parental controls be the same?

No one said digital parenting would be easy, but it really can be simpler and smarter with WebSafety’s parental control browser feature. Improved family communication, more realistic parental oversight, and better digital independence are all possible with WebSafety.

Web browsing monitoring is currently available only on Android devices. iCloud backups are required for iOS devices for parents wishing to use WebSafety’s web history feature.

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