Parental Control Apps

Social media monitoring can be challenging for parents, but WebSafety makes it easier.

Parental Control Apps

Social media has made life richer in many ways. We can communicate with someone on the other side of the world in the blink of an eye, or share photos of a momentous occasion with far-away family members that would otherwise miss out completely. However, the unique nature of social media has also created new parenting concerns, especially for the mothers and fathers of teenagers. Cyberbullying, offensive or embarrassing posts, and exposure to sexual content are all real consequences of using social media as a young person. Most parents want to remain somewhat “cool” in the eyes of their children by refraining from following their sons and daughters on social media. Besides, no kid is going to make their own authentic posting decisions if he or she knows a parent is watching every online move. So what can a parent do to keep his or her kids safe on Facebook and Instagram? Parental control apps are a great start.

WebSafety Social Media Monitoring

WebSafety is an extremely helpful monitoring app that allows you to watch what your teen is doing on the social media sites that they use most frequently. The app is especially unique in that it is able to capture every picture that your child uploads to Facebook and Instagram. What’s more is that, once you download WebSafety on your phone and your child’s phone, you can set up mobile alerts in your parent dashboard to be notified every time a comment or inappropriate word is posted on your child’s accounts. These mobile notifications allow you to go about your day with the assurance that you will know what’s going on without constantly checking your kid’s social content.

Tired of parental control apps that force you to switch back and forth between different photos or social media sites when monitoring? With WebSafety, you can view every photo on every social media page at once, allowing you to have a quick view of your child’s overall social media activity.

Parental control apps can often make you feel like you are sneaking around and invading your teen’s privacy, which can lead to trust issues and prevent your child from developing critical thinking skills. WebSafety is always present on your kid’s device, so he or she will know it’s there – and will likely appreciate that the absence of a blocking feature demonstrates that you are putting your trust in him or her to make good decisions about social media use. Social networking will always present safety challenges, but WebSafety addresses most of them in a smart and simple way.

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