Text Monitoring App

Text monitoring is simpler than ever with the WebSafety application for parents.

Text Monitoring App

No parent wants to believe that his or her kid or teen will get into tricky texting situations. However, the truth is that even the most respectful and intelligent of children can get tangled up in bullying, inappropriate conversations, and other dangers that come with text messaging. This puts parents in a very difficult place because it isn’t realistic to ban texting from their sons’ and daughters’ lives. Kids rely on texts to communicate with peers — especially as they reach adolescence — and many are so immersed in the digital world that this is the only way that they are truly comfortable connecting with others. Since text messages are a staple of modern communication that kids use to learn how to interact with friends, what can parents do to keep them safe while chatting on their phones? They can start by downloading WebSafety’s text monitoring app.

A New Approach to Monitoring

WebSafety is a different kind of text monitoring app. Rather than blocking certain messages or phone numbers outright, the application allows you to monitor your child’s incoming and outgoing texts from afar within your own mobile parent dashboard. A simple installation on your and your child’s devices sets you up for real-time message monitoring, with mobile notifications sent to your smartphone if alarming language or inappropriate content appears in your child’s text threads.

What about texts that come from a source other than a 10-digit number? WebSafety’s text monitoring app flags dangerous or questionable content from these conversations, too.

Our Talks To feature takes things one step further by allowing you to see historical data regarding who your child texts and how often. This feature still allows your child to message peers in a candid manner, but it provides you with an in-depth look at his or her texting habits. These Talks To insights can help you talk with kids and teens about safe and thoughtful phone usage and texting etiquette, and your child’s ability to text whoever he or she wants to allows for practice in independence and responsibility.

The digital world we live in can make parenting more complicated and children’s lives more dangerous than ever before. WebSafety’s web and text monitoring app takes some of the weight off of parents’ shoulders and protects kids at the same time.

Text message monitoring is currently only available on Android devices. iCloud backups are required in order to monitor iOS text messages.

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